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  Silver Creek Farm is a family owned and operated registered cow-calf operation in the Texas Panhandle.  We run Charolias, Maine-Arjou, and Hereford cows.  Many of the cows currently in our herd are off springs of our children's show heifer projects.  We use A.I. Extensively and have done some embryos work.  All three of our children were involved in showing steers and heifers and are still involved with the cattle and grass management.

  We raise and market show steers and heifers as well as replacement females and herd bull prospects.  Just recently we purchased half interest in a Charolias bull “Hoo Doo Absolut”.  We are very pleased with the Charolias cross calves we are getting.

   Our first WW-B. Dahl was planted in 1996 not long after it was released.  Because of its excellent production, quality, and drought tolerance we have increased our acres each year.  With marginal quality land and limited irrigation, our carrying capacity has been excellent using Dahl.  We started custom seeding Dahl for other producers in 1998 and harvesting and processing seed in 1999.  We believe Dahl to be an excellent forage for anyone in the Southern U.S..  Dan Vivien Allen at Texas Tech University has done extensive research on Dahl.  Her data substantiates  our results.  Give WW-B. Dahl a look in your improved forage mix.



Easy So


WW-B.Dahl is also available with an organic seed coating, to facilitate seed flow.  For unique seeding challenges, such as airplane seeding, keep this option in mind.

Rick Kellison’s Silver Creek Farm

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