Palatability or animal acceptance of selection WW B. Dahl is similar to that of WW-Iron Master, Plains, WW-Spar, and Caucasian bluestem based on free choice by stocker steers.


Table 10. Percent consumption of available forage of five Old World bluestems by yearling steer at Woodward, OK. During 1979-81.





Old World Bluestems


Year Date WW-B.Dahl WW-Iron Master Plains WW-Spar Caucasian




1979 6/11 81a 83a 72ab 59b 64b


8/20 53a 70a 65a 70a 48a


1980 6/23 74a 74a 68a 68a 43b


12/30 62a 59a 74a 74a 76a


1981 6/09 58b 74a 51b 66a 84a


7/14 83a 84a 82a 64b 83a


Average 68a 74a 69a 67a 66a




Percent consumption = (Ungrazed forage庸orage remaining after free choice grazing) + ungrazed forage. Data from paired ungrazed and grazed plots.


Values within a date no followed by a common letter are significantly different (P<.05).

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