Beef Production of selection WW-B.Dahl was higher than that of Caucasian, Plains, or WW-Spar Old World bluestems in 1985 and 1987 at the southern Plains Experimental Range, Ft. Supply, OK

Table 11. Average summer gains and average daily gains of stocker steers grazing selection WW-B.Dahl and other Old World bluestems at the Southern Plains experimental Range, Ft. Supply, OK.


Average Summer Gain Average Daily Gains

Old World Kilograms Per Head Kilograms/Head/Day

Bluestems 1985 1987 1985 1987

WW-B.Dahl 89.9 134.4 .87 .53

Caucasian 72.6 102.2 .70 .40

Plains 70.8 118.0 .69 46

WW-Spar 77.2 119.4 .75 .47


Dry land test on a Pratt sandy loam soil, pH 6.1

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